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In the field of dentistry, new technology is constantly changing the way diseases are diagnosed, routine procedures are performed, and illnesses are prevented.

Tooth replacement took a giant leap forward with the widespread use of dental implants — today’s preferred method of replacing teeth. Dental implants are small titanium posts that replace the root part of your missing tooth. A realistic dental crown is then attached to the implant for a replacement tooth that looks and feels exactly like what nature gave you.

Remember biting down on a tray of putty-like material, so a model could be made of your teeth? A digital imaging device now makes that unnecessary. Instead, your teeth can be “dusted” with a fine reflective powder, which is then recorded by a special camera. A series of images is converted into a 3-D model, which can be used to assess a tooth’s condition or fabricate dental restorations.

Diagnostic x-rays have long been invaluable to dentistry. The emergence of digital technology in the past decade, however, has made dental x-rays safer and even more useful. Digital technology cuts radiation exposure to patients by as much as 90% over traditional x-rays. And there are other advantages, including the elimination of waiting time for pictures to develop and sharper images that can be enhanced instantly to show detail.

A picture is worth… plenty, when it comes to helping you understand your dental examination, diagnosis, and treatment! With these tiny cameras, you can see what the dentist sees on a small chair-side monitor. The images of your teeth can be saved as stills or video — or even printed out — so you can see exactly what’s happening in your mouth.

This system provides the ability to suction away water & debris, protects your cheeks, tongue & airway, and has a built-in rest for your jaw. All of these factors help your dentist achieve the best restorations possible while increase comfort and increasing safety.

Tooth colored restorations and their adhesives require a high power blue light to cure or harden. Without a powerful light to do so, there is risk of the filling leaking and failing prematurely. The VALO™ curing light is one of the best in it’s class which provides a thorough cure in half the time of traditional curing lights.